Templar, an Augmented Reality Game

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Handheld Augmented Reality | CS8803

Templar, an Augmented Reality Game

TEMPLAR is an Augmented Realiy Video Game for the Android Platform. It was developed for the Handheld Augmented Reality class using the Game Engine Unity with C# scripting and the Qualcomm AR SDK as the main tools. The game make used of only one tangible object which is a tracking board, and all the game is projected through that game board.


This video game was intended to be a physics puzzle with a similar concept as Angry Birds.
The prototype presentation can be downloaded here Templar Intro Presentation


  • Physics puzzle game
  • Active movement of player around a virtual 3D maze
  • Control of game objects by:
  • Using frame markers
  • Phone motion (i.e Pitch, roll & yaw)
  • Inspiration:
    • Angry birds (iPhone)
    • Fragger (iPhone)
    • ARhrrr (AR)

The Final Game

Below you will be able to see the final video game video capture. For the final game details please download the final presentation: Templar Final Presentation

Tools used during Development

Unity game engine, Visual Studio (C#), Qualcomm AR SDK, Autodesk Maya, Adobe photoshop.

Video Demo

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